Temple Premium Dhoop Combo - 100g Each - Approx 10 sticks - Pack of 3

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Premium Wet Dhoop Sticks are high-quality incense sticks that are specially designed to release a fragrant and soothing aroma when lit. These dhoop sticks are made using a blend of natural herbs, resins, and essential oils, which give them a unique fragrance that can help create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Premium Wet Dhoop Sticks come in various fragrances, such as sandalwood, rose. They are perfect for use during meditation, yoga, or just to create a calm and peaceful ambiance in your home or office. The fragrance of these wet dhoop sticks can linger in the air for several hours, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a long-lasting, natural scent.

Per pack price  80/-
Number of product packs 3
Total price 80*3 =  240/-
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Customer Reviews

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Rajat Mishra
Simply Great

These Incense Sticks have a very mild fragrance, and they are 100 % natural and free of chemicals, they smell great. I will buy it again.

Rohit Sharma
I am happy with the product

It comes in a handy box that contains Incense sticks. Two sticks can easily stretch 6 hours & the fragranceis really refreshing. Zero-Charcoal product.

Sangeetha Manjunath
Long lasting fragrance

When you light these incense sticks, you can smell the scent from a distance. Gradually, it fades, but it does not disappear completely. The fragrance stays for long.

Reena raja
I am satisfied with the result

Nice experience with this product. Never found such mild and good aromatic Incense sticks. I suggest to others buy this great product.

Prachi Basarkar
I am happy with the product

I am using it in my shop & house. The fragrance is absolutely magical. Also I bought Patchouli, Sandal, and Oudh Incense Sticks from the same. It will run for the next 3 months.