"Awaken Your Spirit: Hari Darshan– Your Gateway to Spiritual Wellness"


Across generations one name connects Spirituality, Reverence, Fragrance and Well-Being, it is Hari Darshan, that’s our essence.

We create:

   • Products that serve prayers

   • Fragrance that gives Bliss

   • An Ambience that brings Positivity


Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer of incense sticks (agarbathies), Dhoop (Incense paste), Hawan Samagri, Aromatherapy Products, fragrances, spiritual accessories, Ayurvedic products and other related products.


Incense and Spirituals have been our forte for over a hundred years now. Incense making, a passionate art of blending fragrances and the science of using the best ingredients,  has been inherited by four generations at Hari Darshan for over a century now .


What started as a family business in the late eighteen hundred was incorporated as privately held limited company in the 1980 driving a  synergy between the traditional art of making fragrances and incense and the modern manufacturing techniques.


A quest for perfection and the passion for constant improvement has led us to be one of the largest manufacturers of incense products, and especially capital intensive products like Dhoop[Incense Paste: one of the purest form of incense], with robust production infrastructure, servicing  across the country and over a thousand strong team.


Our Mission and Vision Statement: Hari Darshan translates in to “the divine vision”. Sevashram means, an institute dedicated to service, service to the customer and the society.


Ours is a vision of ever widening horizons and of continually creating newer ways of making the world more fragrant than it was ever before. A vision that has become our mission. A mission that revolves around spiritual awakening in the new millennium and to show the way for spiritual purification and peace, binding the world with the most appealing gift of nature, Fragrance.

Our Products:

Agarbatti : Discover the calming and healing power of fragrance through incense stick . We offer a diverse selection of  fragrances ranging from naturals to innovative blends in our incense.

Dhoop: The purest form of incense also known as Wet Dhoop is made of purest aromatic herbs and natural oils. Dhoop finds mention in our ancient prayers, scriptures and  ancient rituals. Pure enough to be offered to God, It is known to create a tranquil and positive space, a source of peace and joy.

Chandan Tika: Worn with pride in forehead, a Tika or Tilak is symbol of divine blessing, knowledge, respect, power, care and affection. Applied on forehead it’s cooling properties have scientific relevance.

Havan Samagri: Since time immemorial, blessings and help of Gods has been invoked by performing yagnas or havans. Hawan Samagri is an assortment of herbs and ingredients are offered to Gods through  holy fire amidst chanting of prayer mantras during a yagna or havan.

Sambhrani: Transform your living space into a sanctuary with divine fragrance of  pure herbs biting in an incense cup.

Pooja oil: Spread the light of  positivity, knowledge and joy by lighting diya (lamps) with Hari Darshan Pooja Oil.

Why Choose Hari Darshan?

Quality Assurance:

We take pride in offering products of the highest quality, sourced from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to authenticity and integrity.

All our processes, raw materials, packing material and finished products come with assurance of stringent routine and random quality checks.

Hari Darshan invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with our thoughtfully curated products and supportive community. Awaken your spirit, and let us be your trusted companion on your path to inner peace and enlightenment.