hari darshan pure gugal dhoop

Pure Gugal Dhoop -100g - 10 st Each - Pack of 2

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Hari Darshan Gugal Dhoop is very powerful for removing negative energy and purifying your space. It cleanses negativity from the mind and helps you focus and concentrate!

Burning Gugal  calms you, makes your home feel cleansed and peaceful,

It gets rid of evil and negative forces. Loban enhances the mood and lifts your spirits.

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Customer Reviews

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Natural Loban Dhoop Sticks

Great Natural ingredients are used in this wet dhoop, no irritants are present in the smoke, and the ashes can be safely disposed of since it is a carbon neutral product. The packaging team deserves special mention as they pack it so carefully, I feel as though I'm opening God's gift every time I receive it. It is a pleasure to work with all of you to manufacture, package, and deliver products at such high standards.

Smell is good & mild

Bought many products from the Hari Darshan brand. Fragrance is really good. Nice and not harmful for sensitive people. I liked because its smell is good and mild. I can't tolerate strong fragrant Agarbatti sticks. Nice, excellent product.

Quality of this product is just awesome

It has nice fragrance, No irritation persists in the dhoop smoke as per my experience, Special thanks to the product quality manager who has maintained the quality of dhoop, I have used many incense sticks but this dhoop fragrance is different and its aroma really satisfies the soul feels like heaven, good and keep it up team Hari Darshan.

All the Pooja Products from this brand is just awesome

I love using these pooja products from Haridarshan, like incense sticks, hawan samagri, and LobanPremium Tika. And now this time I have purchased this dhoop, its a very nice dhoop and its Pooja product and its scent bring divinity into my life, as well as its delivery system.

Daksh Thakre
Great experience with this brand

I have always been a fan of Hari Darshan essence products and have been using them for years. Buying online was a great experience as sometimes I have to look around in the retail market for a particular essence and product of Hari Darshan. Also package was packed nicely and safely.