We are in a business that is a synergy of art and science, where creativity is guided by technology and we are committed to offer the best to the customer.

The above-mentioned points highlight the importance of a qualified research team in the organization. We have a dedicated team that is focused on creating better products, fragrances and experience for our customers. Our team goes on to ensure that the products that our customers love are also eco friendly and kind to mother earth.

We have an in-house creative team that specializes in the development of new designs and packaging concepts. The innovations from this team have set many new standards in the marketplace.

The Techniques

We have an in-house well-equipped lab for development & evaluation of fragrances, and  testing & development of new ingredients.
We are closely working with some of the best fragrances and ingredients suppliers in the world and have an extensive knowledge, and technology sharing and transfer of programs.

We also have research & development tie-ups with our ancillary units and service providers for cooperation in areas like cost-cutting, time management, inventory control, and better product delivery.