At Hari Darshan, we have created a firm footing by designing products that don't only have a competitive advantage but are also rooted in giving our customers a holistic experience when it comes to their application and usage. Our main aim is to drive forward a brand that allows the world to benefit from spiritual aromatherapy products. For decades we have been using these products in our homes. And India being a land of traditions, each of our products offers relevance even in modern times.

Be it at homes, offices, workspaces, or even transportation, we are a community that uses spiritual aromatherapy products for many reasons. No matter the kinds of innovative items that crop up in the market, recent years have seen a steady shift in people wanting to go back to their roots and ancient methodologies of doing things. Not because of a myth attached to it, but due to the strong science that comes with it.

While we are a brand that thrives on strong expertise backed by a robust network and manufacturing facilities, our journey so far and even towards the future is not devoid of challenges.

Here's a quick look at some of the bumps along the way.

  • Regular customers have a peculiar fashion in which they plan their purchases. And often products like incense sticks, dhoop, camphor, and pooja samagri don't quite top the list.
  • A customer is more prone to purchase the product placed at the point of display versus voicing their preference.
  • The dominant presence of unorganized players that plug the power of the disruptor effect with their strategies.

These are just to list a few.

But despite these roadblocks, we at Hari Darshan have never been deterred from forging ahead. We aren’t just a consumer-conscious brand, but a brand that has its principles in place even if we aspire to be the big movers and shakers of the market. However, here’s a peek into what helps us vault over the challenges and emerge victorious.

A plethora of offerings

We have a wide umbrella of products. When we say we’ve got it all, we truly mean it.

Our range of incense sticks comes with freshfloralperfumed, and tall varieties, leaving the consumer spoilt for a choice with the added advantage of chemical-free ingredients used to create a product that lasts long.

When it comes to a niche product like dhoop, our platter comprises cones, dry dhoop sticks, wet dhoop sticks, gola dhoop, and zipper dhoop that are created using high-quality ingredients to offer you a pure environment for your spiritual rituals.

Besides these, any product created at the Hari Darshan facilities, be it the pooja samagri, holy items for hawan, moli, sambrani cups, camphor, handan tika, etc. everything goes through layers of checks in production and delivery.

Fits every pocket

To us, the consumer ranks first. This is why we devise our products in a set of different packaging that can fit every pocket and offer value for money to the consumer.

Creating a favourable ecosystem of suppliers and distributors

While consumers do take the top spot, for us, even our channel partners like- distributors and retailers are of great importance. Providing them with the right benefit margins while staying in alignment with quality guidelines, HR guidelines, production processes, taxation, and so on, is our modus operandi.

Solidifying marketing moves

Given the huge chunk of unorganized players in this game, we are devoted to creating awareness through the right marketing mediums so that the consumer understands the value of an organized source who assimilates the right expertise, and teams, and deploys processes to offer an environment-conscious product without compromising on the quality and functionality

Fragrances and size variants

We understand and have adapted well to the thought that the modern-day consumer loves variety. Gone are the days of simpleton choices. This is why our products like incense sticks, dhoops, etc. come in different value packs, allowing the consumer to choose as per their usage along with the perks of a great lineup of fragrances.

A sustainable future beckon

While this is what we have been doing so far, we know the platform of the future will open the pathways for those who take accountability towards society. This is why we plan to dive deeper into natural products so that we can offer you items that are sustainably crafted and consumed like a conscious citizen, who wants to nurture and not hamper the environment. Our efforts will be deeply wired into creating, experimenting, and continuing the momentum of being forerunners in the spiritual aromatherapy product category.

At Hari Darshan, we have been holding the flag of goodwill for several generations and we aspire to keep that flag flying high even in the decades to come.


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