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hari darshan ghee diya 100no
100 Diya (Small)60 Diya (Large)

Ghee Diya Batti

Rs. 300.00Rs. 285.00
Ready-to-Use Vegan Ghee Diya Batti Saves time required to prepare Ghee Diya Wicks & reduces mess.Organic Cotton & Paraffin-Free Burning Time: 20 minutes for each Ghee Diya battiIngredients: Natural Ghee, Til Oil, Soya...
anupam puja diya oil

Hari Darshan Anupam Puja Diya Oil- 900ml

Rs. 240.00Rs. 210.00
Hari Darshan Anupam Puja Diya Oil is specially developed with the goodness of til oil for lighting diyas and lamps. It is free from chemicals, synthetic color or fragrances.100% Pure...
hari darshan puja diya oil

Puja Diya Oil

Rs. 95.00 – Rs. 235.00
According to Indian Vedas burning Diya every morning and evening brings positivity, divine blessing, and cuts all negative elements from our life. Hari Darshan Puja Oil contains pure oils and...
jyot batti

Jyot Batti - Pack of 12

Rs. 240.00 – Rs. 480.00
Jyot Batti smoke will purify the atmosphere and bring positivity to your mind we are using organic and superior quality all natural cotton fibers for fabrication and complies with the...