Be A Believer

Be A Believer

As I go about writing my first blog for “Hari Darshan” my beloved brand or rather way of life, there are so many thoughts in my mind that I wish to share. I wonder why it took so long to start writing but then, hey, there has to be a starting point & here we are…

I am going to start with something that is at the very core of our existence, BELIEF.

 जो तुमने ठान लिया

सो ईश्वर ने मान लिया

Belief gives you, Determination, Persistence & Resilience;

All that you need to attain yourself & for self-realisation.

The way life has survived & sustained on Earth, the way Humanity has evolved, it is all because, “we as people Believe, we are Believers”

We believe in God, Lord Almighty or a Higher Power that’s keeps the world going.

We believe in the ones who gave us life through birth.

We believe in the ones who taught us, showed us the way.

We believe in friends, who stood by us & the ones we love.

We believe in Humanity & random acts of Kindness.

We believe in Time and say, this too shall pass or time heals.

We believe in Mother Nature, who provides all we need.

So well, who did leave out of the list… Ourselves..

What is the level of our Belief in our own selves?

It really is a tricky question. Something that cannot be answered in a number for sure.

Even trickier is yet another set of questions.

How do we draw and manage the Belief with in?

How do we channelise our Belief?

Are you underestimating your belief?

Our belief plays a very important in life.

How we face situations, different phases, our success, failures, relationships, learnings, winnings, losses, peace; Belief has a role in everything.

At this point you might want to ask me, what belief am I talking about?

Well the Belief encompasses two aspects; Self-Belief and the Belief we place externally, in others and the Universe.

Often people mix up the words “Belief” & “Trust”.

Belief is a wider and more Holistic Concept.

When we believe in God, Parents, Teachers, Loved Ones, Friends and Nature, irrespective of the extent, we for sure have the capability to germinate Belief from within. This is what makes Humans the elevated life forms.

To Believe is to create an energy from within, an energy  that has the power of positivity, power that fuels resolve, resolve that leads to attainment.

Religion, Spirituality, Meditation, they all guide you, teach you & inspire you to create this energy and channelise it towards attaining not just your goals, but attaining your own self.

Belief & Believing are the key to Self-Realisation.

Belief is the door to peace, calm & joy that you were born with.

You were born with this, because Universe wanted you to have peace & bliss.

Universe wanted you to not just have it but share as well.

Life comes with a Purpose

The Purpose is made of Small Objectives

These Objectives are like Mile Stones in the Journey to Your Purpose.

With Belief you can walk this way.

Belief helps in not just “Getting what you want” but “Giving what you can”

Belief is Acceptance of Your Purpose & Your Abilities

Belief inspires you to take the journey towards your purpose.

Belief empowers you to face all that comes across your ways in this voyage.

Belief expands your horizons to learn from what you see and hear along the way.

So be a Believer because when you believe in your own self and the universe, you channelise the energy and capabilities Lord Almighty has given to you.


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