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H.D Moli King (24PCS) Box

H.D Moli King (24PCS) Box

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240/- (Upto 20% Off)

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  • Number Of Product Packs : 12
  • Product Dimension :
  • Product Code : O56
  • Burning Time :
  • Product Type :
  • No of Sticks Per Pack :
Per pack price 20/-
Number of product packs 12
Total price 20*12 = 240/-
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Moli is a red cotton string that is traditionally tied on wrist on various occasions. Moli is also called Kalawa thread; it is also of saffron color. This thread is very special, its color and each thread gives us strength and prosperity.
It is believed that tying moli on wrist will bring the blessings of Tridev (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma) and Tridevi (Goddess Kali, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Laxami). These blessings bring in enrichment of Money, Power and Knowledge.
According to the scriptures, Kalawa is also called Raksha Sutra. Tying it on the wrist is believed to protect from life-threatening crises. It is used in every type of Pooja for Peace and Prosperity.
According to the science, it is an acupressure point. Moli tied on wrist creates a friction in the nerve and prevents the blood from getting colder.
There is a belief that tying the Kalawa on items such as vehicles, cupboards, main gate, key rings etc helps maximising benefits from these things.
Useful to wear in hand also to use as mala.
This Product is Sold Exclusively by Hari Darshan and we have not authorized any other Sellers to sell this product, hence we Can Not Guarantee the Quality and Quantity if purchased from any seller other than ‘Hari-Darshan'.

    • User Picture Mitali
    • Nice dhaaga

      Looks good. Can be used for multiple purposes.Thread - Kalwa - Raksha Sutra - Nazar Dhaga

    • calendar 2019-12-06 09:55:37

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