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If you are a great fan of incense sticks like us, you would agree that they are not just powerful odor eaters. They have an everlasting positive impact on our mind and body. From relieving our stress and anxiety to rejuvenating and refreshing us, they have got a lot more to offer.So Here we are Giving you reasons to love incense sticks:-



You don’t want to be breathing toxic fumes, artificial fragrances, and yucky junk when practicing yoga.Tantalize your sense of smell as you sink into bliss.Ultimately life is about feelinggood, connecting with oneself, and finding a sacred moment in this busy world to simply be.Curled up with a mug of tea and a book.Scents can be geared specifically towards encouraging emotional reactions.




Some foster tranquility, calming our nervous system; others promote a sense of joy and energy. Some incense fragrances even heighten sensuality and physical arousal.Incense is like a portal for me to deepen my attention spiritually. Historically, incense has been used to uplift the spirit, heighten the senses, and bring peace and harmony to the mind.


Importance of fragrance in Spiritual Life

Importance of fragrance in Spiritual Life

You may have seen a ton of dhoop and agarbatti being utilized with regards to performing customs and offering puja . Why is that so? Why is such a lifted place allowed to these things from the point of view of ceremonies?

Indeed, one obvious purpose behind this would be that the aroma of these things is helpful for otherworldly exercises. Fragrance enable us to focus on the main job and furthermore help us in separating our psyche from the external world.

One may well inquire as to why so much stuff and expound show of adornment and aromas for God? Why we are endeavoring to make a vibe that craves something extraordinary will happen?

All things considered, we play out the love and offer our respect in an exceptionally unique way. We have a tendency to trust that we have to separate an extraordinary time for us to recall God and petition him. For a man who might want to recollect God in all that he does, this panache would not be required.

Simply make an inquiry - for what reason do we use antiperspirants and different sorts of aromas practically once a day? Why we continue spending on these things if scent isn't too imperative?

The earth is stinking and there is terrible scent around us, it turns out to be hard for us to focus on great things. In this way, scents might be an approach to improve the great surroundings in everyday life.

For an exceptionally isolates and raised personality, who is past the ceremonial swagger, such sort of things would seem like a weight. You would state holy people and sufis never wear it. You are correct! They needn't bother with it since they have officially aced the act of focus.

Be that as it may, we, who have recently begun on the way of deep sense of being and self-acknowledgment, require the air, the right kind of atmosphere, in order to help us on our way. Later on, we may even get rid of it.

The decision is to use any sort of Fragrance with no reservation given that it encourages you in increasing more control over your brain, to acquire more adjust your point of view. There is no damage at all.

Importance of Agarbatti in Mahurats & Spiritual Life- There is a profound reason for Agarbatties. It is accepted to the point that the rings of smoke that rise high into the air pass on our supplications and solicitations to God and additionally to the heavenly creatures. The Agarbatti seethes itself absolutely and fills the air with a fine fragrance. This is one of the Hindu traditions which symbolizes profound quality or magnificence. It indicates man the strength of surrendering oneself for the explanation behind others. This is the reason concerning why we light Agarbatti in a puja or a religious ceremony or in any Mahurats.

Benefits of AgarbattiAgarbatti is moreover used to cure a couple of medical problems, for example, gentle cerebral pain, melancholy, despair, and so on. The fragrance spreads all around after you light an Agarbatti and it leaves an enormous quieting and recuperating sway on the cerebrum. This likewise offers you some help with enhancing your fixation control. When you offer a supplication to God with uncommon devotion it acts like an intelligent methodology that lessens uneasiness and wretchedness.