Choosing Right Gulal

Choosing Right Gulal

Festival of colors is upon us, celebrating a happy and safe Holi should be everybody’s priority. The primary risk is exposure to harmful chemicals; these chemicals are just not harmful for skin and hair but also can lead to risk of serious health complications. So, be more careful while selecting the type of colors and feels responsible for your safety, so that the festival of is harmless.

Natural, Herbal & Organic Holi

Avoid synthetic colors as they contain harsh chemicals. Go with organic/ herbal colors which are made from dried leaves, flowers, turmeric, sandalwood, dried fruits & even shell of coconuts. They hardly contain any harmful chemicals & are safe for your skin and hair.



Artificial colors can damage your skin in terms of skin sensitivities, skin allergies, irritation, skin rashes and itching.

Prevention of Skin Allergies


  • Usage of herbal or natural colours is advised for holi celebrations.
  • In order to prevent skin complications and allergies arising due to holi colours, apply thick layer of moisturizing creams or oil on skin.
  • When you experience skin issue of any sort, it should be washed away promptly with running water, without utilizing cleanser or chemical




Our Gulal is a pure natural extraction of leaves, fruits and barks with a unique blend of flowers and herbs which make the product non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfectly suitable for your skin while adding alluring aroma in the mood. It’s pure natural ingredients make the product environment friendly during the celebration.

  • Organic colors are Herbal and non-toxic, Eco-friendly, soft in texture and contain natural aroma.
  • Organic colors are eco-friendly; they can float less in the air & reduces air pollution.
  • Organic colors are non-sticky, they are easy on clothes.
  • Organic colors are skin friendly.
  • Organic colors do not cause any skin infections.


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